Lessons from my first archery tournament

I had no idea how to hold a bow 3 months ago but I wanted to learn archery. I’ve been training target archery for 1 1/2 hours every weekend and I have closer to 15 hours of training now. I was so excited when my coach Nipuna Senevirathne said that I have enough skills to participate in the Wayamba – All Island Archery championship 2017  under the Novices category.

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Work life balance, and a lifehack to commit

Efficiency is tricky. Specially when you work from home and when you are still figuring out the work life balance. Then again how do you plan ahead? For things that can delay things during the day, how do you find time to compensate for them? Say you set aside an hour for bank work, and you get stuck in traffic for an hour. That will just affect rest of the plans for the day, isn’t it?

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Hello, World!

Hello, Welcome to my website. It is always nice to start with a “Hello, World!”, and there you go.

I’ve always wanted to run a blog that can reflect what I do. Somewhere I can share new things as I learn, ideas that cross my mind.

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