Olympic recurve archery setup (2019)

Let me introduce to my current archery setup and I’ll do some follow up posts on what I would like to have as I move to 70m Olympic shooting distance. I’ve been shooting with club equipment and I’ve slowly replaced with my own as I progress. Its been 3 years since I started archery but I had to take a break from for about a year with work stuff and my 2nd daughter on the way. A couple of months back I decided to get back to practising and invest in Pro-level equipment so that I’ll have fewer reasons to skip this hobby.

Footage of myself shooting with my current setup.

List of equipments as of September 2019

MK Archery MKZ Riser
SF Archery Elite Carbon Foam Limbs (36″ short) **
SF Axiom+ Stabilizer set
Arc Systeme SX200 Sight
Shibuya Ultima Arrow Rest
Beiter Plunger
Beiter Clicker
Beiter Armguard
Carbon Arrows **
Fivics Saker 2 Finger Tab (M)
Custom made string

** Looking for an upgrade

Last but not least thank you Academy of Archery for all the support throughout in figuring out what will work for me.

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